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Q. How long does it take to get a loan or sell an item?
A. Usually less than ten minutes.

Q. Do I have to wait to redeem my merchandise?
A. Your merchandise can be picked up anytime. We have no holding period..

Q. Can I extend my due date?
A. Yes. Loans can be extended by simply paying the charges due.

Q. What type of items do you take in pawn?
A. Practically any item that can be valued and stored, Most common items are fine jewelry, gold, scrap gold, quality tools, musical instruments, rifles and shotguns.

Q. Do you take firearms in pawn?
A. Yes. We do take rifles and shotguns in pawn.

Q. Can I have more than one loan?
A. Absolutely! You are welcome to have as many loans with us as is necessary for your situation.

Q. Can I just sell my item?
A. Yes. We love to buy! buy! buy!

Fort Jewelry & Loans is a local business here to help you!

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