How it Works

Loans Made Simple & Easy

Getting a loan, selling your valuable and buying at Fort Jewelry and Loan is simple and easy. Any item of value secures cash loans at Fort Jewelry & Loan.

They may be redeemed at anytime within three months or extended for an additional three months by merely paying charges due at that time. We are always happy to buy merchandise outright and offer great value on all merchandise for sale.

Fort Jewelry & Loan

How to Pawn

Taking a Loan at Fort Jewelry and Loan is both fast and easy. You bring your valuables in and our professional evaluators will extend an offer to you.

Pawn Terms

We hold the loans for three months; you can also extend the loan period by paying interest and storage. No application is required to get of a loan with us. We keep your details and the transactions confidential unless requested by law enforcement. We provide loans ranging from $5 to $50,000, and they can be paid off anytime. You can always sell the items if you don't need it anymore.


A. Usually, less than ten minutes.

A. Your merchandise can be picked up anytime. We have no holding period.

A. Yes. Loans can be extended by directly paying the charges due.

A. Practically any item that can be valued and stored, most everyday items are fine jewelry, gold, scrap gold, quality tools, musical instruments, rifles, and shotguns.

A. Yes. We do take rifles and shotguns in pawn.

A. Absolutely! You are welcome to have as many loans as is necessary for your situation.

A. Yes. We love to buy it! Buy! Buy!